GDPR: Icon Accounting and Your Personal Data

As you may be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018 and this represents a considerable change to data protection law.

At Icon Accounting, like all other businesses, we will need to ensure proper processes and policies are in place for handling your personal data.

We have been working across all departments of the business to prepare for GDPR.

This has seen staff and management engage in training and awareness of our data obligations.

Our GDPR Privacy Statement is outlined below for your perusal:

Who We Are?

Icon Business Consulting Ltd & Icon Accountancy & Taxation Services Ltd are Private Limited Companies both trading under the business name Icon Accounting. This document also covers all associated companies including the Managed Service and Umbrella companies that are connected to Icon Accounting.

Your Data

For Icon Accounting to do our job correctly & to ensure statutory compliance, it is necessary for us to collect personal data from you.

The data we obtain includes:

  • Personal Information: Name, Address, Email Address, Date of Birth & other contact details
  • Personal Taxation & Payroll details: Your PPS Number, Tax Credits, Marital Status, Spouse Details including PPS number, Visa & Salary details
  • Anti-Money Laundering Identity Info: Photo I.D & Proof of Address
  • Bank Statements: Your account number & copies of accounting information that is required to carry out our service
  • Work Status Documents: Visa information, work permits etc
  • Various Paperwork: Payslips, P60’s, Notice of Assessments & other tax documentation we receive from statutory bodies e.g. Revenue & Companies Registration Office (CRO)
  • Documentation relating to your contracts with third parties that relate to the contract
  • Documentation you submit to Icon Accounting via the online iConnect Web Portal
  • Any other documentation that is required to meet legal & statutory obligations

How do we obtain your data?

  • Usually the data is received directly from you, our client, either via phone, email, or through our online web portal.
  • We may from time to time receive your details from a third-party referral, however this is typically with your consent.
  • Other sources may include statutory legal bodies, e.g. Revenue Commissioners, Company Registrations Office (CRO)

Third Party Sharing

Our Policy is not to share your information with any third party without your prior consent, however there are several reasons why we may share your information with reputable trusted partners in the ordinary course of business.

These include:

  • Statutory Legal Bodies: Revenue Commissioners, Company Registrations Office (CRO)
  • Subsidiaries & Connected Icon Accounting Companies
  • Your client or intermediary in the ordinary course of business e.g exchanging contracts
  • If requested by the courts, Garda Síochána or other legal authority
  • IT Service partners for operational use
  • Compliance partners
  • Online banking software as required
  • Software providers
  • At the request of you our client, when you give us permission

How long do we keep your Data?

Icon Accounting will not keep your data for more than is legally necessary. In general, we will keep all your information that is required by tax law for a period of 7 years.

These include the following:

  • Basic contact information:
    • Name, Address etc
  • Tax information:
    • Payslips & P60’s with PPS number
    • Form 11, self-assessment letters, CT1 Returns, P35’s etc
    • Time-sheets
    • Agency contract details
    • Copies of expenses and back up invoices
    • Any other information that was submitted to our portal

How we communicate?

Icon Accounting will from time to time communicate with our clients in relation to business information and promotions that may not be in the normal course of business.

You will have the right to opt-out of these emails.

These will not affect your communication from your Account Manager or normal business transactions.

 These are your rights as a client and how we process your information:

 You have certain legal rights to control your information and the manner we process.

These include:

  • a right for you to access your personal information
  • a right to request us to rectify inaccurate or incomplete information that we may have on you
  • a right to receive the personal information we hold on you in a portable format
  • a right to withdraw your consent in relation to communication of information for promotional purposes
  • you have a right to request that we delete your personal information should we no longer require it from a statutory viewpoint
  • a right to request information be sent to a third party, e.g. another accounting provider
  • a right to lodge a complaint with Icon Accounting Data Protection Officer and The Data Protection Commissioner
  • In some cases, if you do not agree about the way we hold your information & what information we hold we may not be able to provide an accounting service to you as a client

Data Security

At Icon Accounting the security of your data is of paramount importance to us. We are constantly upgrading the security measures in relation to our IT and general security.

Data is transferred to / from our web portal over a fully encrypted connection (HTTPS) and the database is secured against threats by a restrictive firewall policy and encryption of sensitive data fields. We monitor cyber threats and install all required updates to the systems as they appear.

Our servers and backup systems are all stored within the EU and at no point does the information in our systems ever leave the EU.

How can I access my Data?

If you wish to get a copy of the personal data we hold, simply send a written request outlining the information that you require.

We will verify your identity and we will then send this to you within 30 days.

Postal Address: Data Protection, Icon Accounting, Columba House, Airside, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Tel.:                  01 8077106


How do I make a complaint?

 If you wish to complain about how we handled your data, then you can write to below:

Postal Address: Data Protection, Icon Accounting, Columba House, Airside, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Tel.:                  01 8077106