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Business Expenses

As a daily rate contractor, tax relief may be granted on business expenses that are wholly, exclusively and necessarily required for the purposes a contract in accordance with Revenue Guidelines.

What type of business expenses can I claim as a daily rate contractor?

  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Stationery
  • Professional Courses
  • Business Equipment
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Mileage and Subsistence

How can I claim tax relief on my business expenses?

Simply upload your business expense receipts onto the Contractor’s iConnect Online Portal. Valid business expenses will be processed through your payroll by your account manager at Icon Accounting.

What is the difference between refundable business expenses
and allowable business expenses?

Refundable business expenses are expenses that are fully reimbursed to you by your recruitment agency or company.

An allowable business expense is an expense which has been paid out by you; however these costs will not be refunded to you. Where it is viewed that such a business expense is a necessarily requirement for your contract, tax relief may be granted on the cost of the business expense.

All allowable business expenses must clearly demonstrate to be a valid requirement of your contract in accordance with:

1. IT 54 Revenue Guidelines

2. IT 51 Revenue Guidelines

3. Tax Briefing 03 Revenue

4. Tax Briefing 04 Revenue

For further information on how to claim allowable business expenses under the PAYE Umbrella Company, Director Umbrella Company and Personal Limited Company please contact our office 01 8077106.