2022 Tax Calculator

2022 Tax Calculator

Want an immediate sense of your earnings as Contractor ? Our free online tax calculator is all you need to compare your pay under a PAYE Umbrella Company, Director Umbrella Company or Personal Limited Company.

How to calculate your Contract Income 

Enter the average days you will work over one month, eg. 20 - 21 days.

Do not enter the number of days you expect to work over the entire course of the contract.

If you think you will incur business expenses, you can input business expenses under Allowable Expenses and see how they affect your Net Pay as a Contractor. 

If you're new to Contracting, it can be difficult to know what you can and can't claim for.  Don' worry as you'll be assigned a Payroll Account Manager  who'll will be on hand to help and ensure you recieve all entitlements and make the most of your Contract income. 

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