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We certainly got into the Hallowe'en spirit today in Icon Accounting! Everyone dressed up and took part and there were prizes galore! The Icon team voted Svetlana Stoyanova in Payroll winner for 'Best Costume' and runner up was Payroll's Natasha Mooney aka The Queen of Hearts! Joint winners of the 'Best Face Paint' went to Payroll’s Andreina Carbonell and Contractor Support’s Seibheal Mooney for their amazing sugar skull face art! Lyndsay Duffy flew the flag for the PLC Team and smashed the press up challenge and bagged herself a prize – well done Lyndsay! Another winner from the Payroll Team, Ineta Miliuviene had the nearest guess for how many ‘Jellies in the Jar’!  Spot on! It was Seibheal’s lucky day as she was also the winner of the ‘Mystery Box’!  Everyone had to guess the contents of the box only be feel.  There were 4 objects in the box and there were a few shouts and screams by people playing!  Well, I suppose shelled mussels, artichoke hearts, a wire brush and canned frankfurters are not the most pleasant to touch!! 😊 All in all, it was a great day and we had a lot of laughs! Enjoy the pictures!! 😊

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