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Last year Icon Accounting became one of the founding members of the Professional Contractors Services Organisation – (PCSO). This is an organisation that was set up to represent the Accounting Service Providers who specialise in the Professional Contractor Sector in Ireland. Icon Accounting are at the forefront of the Contracting sector in Ireland and as one of the leading service providers to Contractors we aim to make sure our client’s needs are looked after now and in the long term.

What is the PCSO and what is its purpose? The PCSO is an organisation made up of Service Providers and it has two principal aims. The first aim is to bring greater conformity to the Provision of Accounting & Taxation Services to the Professional Contractor sector. The second goal is to promote the importance of Professional Contracting to the Irish Economy for both the multinational sector and indigenous Irish business sector.

How do we plan to improve Compliance? The PCSO has developed a Code of Practice for all our members.  To become a member of the PCSO the Accounting service provider must go through a vetting process that is administered by PwC. This is a process where PwC will review the processes, structures and operations of the service providers. Only when you pass through the process will you be admitted to join the PCSO. Our aim is that all the leading Service Providers to the Professional Contracting Sector will join our organisation; this will ensure greater conformity and a consistent application of compliance. We feel that this will give greater assurance to our Contractors, their clients and also to the Revenue Commissioners.  This will promote Ireland as a great place to do business and show the world that we have a flexible workforce that is operating in an efficient and compliant manner. In 2014 the PCSO held two forums to discuss the future of Contracting; attendees included all stakeholders in the sector. We had representatives from Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Revenue Commissioners, Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation as well as Recruitment agencies, Multinationals and Irish based companies. These forums proved successful and all the attendees were receptive to the improved compliance and we all agreed on the importance of the knowledge based flexible worker in Ireland. Icon Accounting are advocates for the Contracting sector and we aim to have our clients recognised as an important economic Benefit to Ireland as well as nurturing and protecting the sector in the coming years.

Gerard Kiernan FCCA Managing Director Icon Accounting  

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