Icon Accounting’s Response on Intermediaries Consultation to Departments of Social Protection and Finance

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They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to Contracting it seems that it is just that !  In January 2016, the Tánaiste together with the Department of Social Protection and Finance initiated a consultation process on the use of intermediary type employment structures and self-employment arrangements, and their impact on tax and PRSI. As a founder member of the PCSO ( Professional Contractors Services Organisation ) Icon Accounting continually lobbies for the interest of LTD Company Contractors and our most recent action has come in response to this Consultation Paper ;  Highlighting the importance of LTD Company Contractors and the use of intermediary structures in answering the evolving and changing labour market in Ireland. While many Government Departments use the rhetoric of a changing labour market, there is little to suggest a true understanding and value of the increasing diversity in the Irish labour market. Enthusiastically, we hope that this Consultation is the beginning of a true appreciation and duly deserved recognition for Contractors. Contractors, whether operating via an Umbrella Company or their own LTD Company, have greatly contributed in the continuing economic recovery as Companies strive for greater specialization, continuous innovation all in an aim to compete on a worldwide cost base. Contracting is often viewed as a new way of working; a shift away from the traditional ‘one full time job for life’, and encouragingly, the Consultation Paper does appear to take the first steps in recognising this by alluding to the fact “there is increasing diversity in the Irish Labour market away from the traditional strict separation of employment and self- employment towards a more complex range of employment relationships. “ Collectively, with submission to the Department of Finance Consultation in response to the Use of Intermediary-Type Structures and Self-Employment Arrangements and our previous Submission to the Department of Finance in August 2015 in relation to the treatment of “Travel and Subsistence “ expenses, we anticipate the beginning of positive recognition and fostering of the Contracting Sector in Ireland. For more information on the submission, please click Submission to Dept Intermediary-Type Structures Icon Accounting

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