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At Icon Accounting, we speak to first time contractors on a day-to-day basis. We understand that contracting is a new term for most. Some even have a pre-conceptual opinion formed that their new contract offer cannot provide the same additional benefits associated with their permanent employment. However, this is not the case! Once our clients avail of their complimentary consultation with our wealth management partner, and learn about the flexibility and financial rewards which are available, they soon realise it is a worthwhile career choice for their further, and develop a career path around this.

When considering this career development path, one of the most common questions we get asked by candidates is how they can plan for their future, particularly how can they organise a comprehensive package in line with a traditional employment package associated to past roles.   

What many people don’t realise is whilst you operate as self-employed, you can now have these benefits in place in a very simple and tax efficient manner.

With that in mind, we're delighted to feature this guest post from Rockwell Financial, the wealth management partner of Icon Accounting. Like Icon, Rockwell has been consulting with first time contractors for over ten years. During this time, they have gained significant knowledge about financial planning for contractors and how they can set themselves up for financial success, stability and security.

What is an umbrella plan?

No one plans to be sick. Nobody wants to consider what life might be like if they were to become suddenly ill. This problem is exacerbated for Independent Professional Contractors. It's a zero-sum game in which you're either working and getting paid or unable to work and dependent on savings to make up the difference. That is why as a contractor it is vitally important to have protection in place, for security and plan to cover all these potential what-if situations.

That is why Rockwell’s umbrella plan is the perfect solution. It provides complete protection for all those what-if situations, all at one affordable monthly cost.

Our Umbrella Plan offers three levels of cover starting from €67.81 per month. As well as this, it can also be considered a business expense, which as you know, has a positive impact on your tax efficiency.

What cover can I ensure is in place?

Whichever level you choose each plan will provide you with:

● Income Protection

● Life Insurance

● Specified Illness Cover

● Tax Relief

● Access to Best Doctors® Service for you and your family – offering an expert second opinion from peer reviewed specialists

● And most importantly, a simple solution and peace of mind

What solutions are available?

Solutions are best developed following your complimentary consultation, as it can determine your specific requirements and develop preferable policies around this.

Rockwell offered tiered packages to suit you needs. The bronze package starts from €67.81 per month, and cover includes Income Protection of €33,000, Life Insurance €150,000 and Illness Cover of €30,000. Looking for a higher cover? The Gold Umbrella Plan offers Income Protection of €60,000, Life Insurance €250,000 and Illness Cover of €50,000, starting at €143.64 per month.

It is critical that Independent Contractors have the same level of coverage as they had as an employee. For further assistance, contact one of the Icon Accounting team, and we can help determine the right coverage for your needs. The team at Rockwell are available to any client of Icon Accounting for any financial advice. It is entirely complimentary and is part of your service as an Icon Accounting client.


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