Relocating to Ireland Series – Part 4 – Renting in Ireland

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There are various different options available to you to rent while contracting in Ireland.  However, where to start your search if you are new to Ireland can be stressful. Some of the most popular and well established rental websites in Ireland are: In recent years, renting in Ireland and in particular Dublin, have increased dramatically. In December 2015, new rent regulations were put in place to control the rising prices and terms of tenancy. These aim to give more security to the tenant and private landlords must now ensure they follow these guidelines before engaging with the tenant for rent reviews and the termination of tenancy. For more information on this area, please review the Citizen information link below: Documentation Required: Before you move into a property, you are generally required to provide the below documentation: - Provide references (employer references and if applicable, previous landlord reference) - Provide proof of identity - Security deposit - Pay the first month’s rent - Signed lease agreement Information on Security Deposits: You will be asked for a security deposit before moving into the accommodation. Usually a deposit is the equivalent of 1 month’s rent and is held by the landlord as security for any rent arrears or damage beyond normal wear and tear. You should get a receipt for any deposit you pay. You may lose your deposit if: - You leave without giving proper notice, or leave before the end of a fixed-term lease - You cause damage to the accommodation beyond normal wear and tear - You leave with bills or rent unpaid To keep updated on all rent related items the Citizen’s Information Board keep their information refreshed and it is a good reference point for all tenants and landlords like.

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