Relocating to Ireland Series - Part 1 - How to Apply for PPS Number?

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Icon Accounting have complied a guide for contractors who are considering Relocating to Ireland. The guide will be issued in weekly installments and will cover the topics such as Renting in Ireland, Opening an Irish Bank Account, Healthcare in Ireland, TaxSaver Information etc. This week we will focus on How to Apply for PPS Number. PPS Numbers (Personal Public Service Number) are required for all workers in the Republic of Ireland.  This number is unique to you and is required for your Payroll to be processed. Your PPS Number will be assigned with tax credits which will be applied based on your own personal circumstances. The process of getting a PPS number is simple and straightforward. However, depending on where you live or will live in Ireland, the very first step in the process can vary slightly. If you live in Dublin, you will need to book an appointing via Centres for other counties may also offer an appointment booking services at Therefore, it is also advisable to always check if your local Welfare Office requires an appointment booked in advance or if you can just go to your local office without an appointment. Once you have an appointment booked or are ready to attend your local Welfare Office, please inform Contractor Support here at Icon Accounting –

Documentation Required: - Photo ID - Proof of Address* i.e. utility bill *If you have only recently arrived in Ireland and do not have any proof of address for your Irish residency yet, Icon Accounting can provide you with a letter to support your PPS application. This letter will outline the details of your contract and personal situation and will suffice as proof of address. You will receive the PPS number via post, within 5-7 working days after you apply for it. When you have received your PPS number, please confirm this number with Icon Accounting immediately as we will issue you with a Form 12A. This form will need to be completed to activate your PPS number and apply your personal tax credits. For more information, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

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