Tax relief on Business Assets for a Personal Ltd Company

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Below we will go through all the main aspects associated with tax relief on assets in your business with straightforward examples including:

  • What assets you can purchase
  • What you can claim back in tax
  • Leasing vs buying 
  • Disposal of assets


What business assets can I purchase in my Limited company?

You can purchase business assets in your limited company that are required wholly and exclusively for use in the business. These can include:

  1. Computer equipment
  2. Office furniture for home office
  3. Motor Vehicles 
  4. Telecoms Equipment 


Can I claim tax relief on these assets?

Yes you can claim tax relief on these, however the tax relief is granted over 8 years – 12.5% per annum. This means that in year 1 you will have a Corporation tax charge on the balance that is not written off and subsequent years you will get an equivalent write off against future Corporation tax

Example of Year 1

Purchase of business equipment for €10,000

Consultancy Income €100,000
Salary & Expenses €90,000
Profit before Asset €10,000
Asset Purchase €10,000
Current year allowance @ 12.5% €1,250
Taxable Profit €8,750
Corporation tax @ 12.5% €1,094


Leasing vs Buying

If you lease the asset rather than purchase the asset outright the tax treatment is different. Whilst you can still claim the full cost of the business asset, the lease payments are written off as they are incurred. They are in effect treated like an expense and you don’t have to incur the capital cost thus reducing the corporation tax charge in accounts.



Purchase of €10,000 worth of equipment through finance lease over 4 years with payments of €2700 per annum.

Salary & Expenses €97,300
Profit before Lease payments €2,700
Lease Payments €2,700
Taxable Profit €0
Corporation Tax @ 12.5% €0


Disposal of Assets - Lease

When you dispose of asset, the net amount you receive after all lease payments have been made will be treated as a Income and subject to Corporation tax, if you receive less than the outstanding amount you will write off the loss you made.



Total Leased Cost €10,000
Payments made 36 x €225 €8,100
Net amount owed in year 3 €1,900
Sale Price €6,000
Tax profit on sale €4,100
Corporation Tax due €513


Disposal of Asset – Purchase Outright

A balancing allowance or balancing charge will apply should you make a profit or loss on the sale of an assets depending on sale price and Tax written down value.



You sell the asset originally  in Year 3 for €6,000 originally valued at €10,000. The year 3 write off will be €1500.

Purchase of Asset €10,000
Year 1 write off -€1,250
Year 2 write off -€1,250
Tax written down value €7,500
Sale Price €6,000
Tax loss on sale €1,500


Motor Vehicles

See below, our guidance on the capital allowances for Motor Vehicles.

In summary


  1. Passenger vehicles are restricted to €24,000 over 8 years
  2. Electric Vehicles restricted to €24,000 (however may be full claimed in Year 1)
  3. Commercial Vehicles fully claimable
  4. BIK on Motor Vehicles


Other Items


  1. Items purchased for personal use, but put purchaseds through company, this could give rise to a tax liability in event of audit, the items should be purchased wholly and exclusively for purpose of contract
  2. Private use of Company assets, this may incur a Benefit in Kind, see our Motor Vehicle factsheet for the rates for Company vehicles.


If you have any questions on Tax relief on Business Assets or would like to get a personalised example,  don't hesitate to contact our Advisory team by email at, call 01 8077106 or your account manager and they can arrange a consultation with one of our Accountants. We can then personalise a computation for you.


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