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Icon Accounting has cultivated an impressive network of partnerships and platforms that enrich the contracting experience and provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients. Let’s examine a few of them now!

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In the dynamic world of independent professional work, Icon Accounting aims to stand as a prime supporter and advocate for the contractor community. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Icon Accounting has cultivated an impressive network of partnerships and platforms that enrich the contracting experience and provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients. Achieved through our core focus on a guiding principle of “You do your job, we'll do the rest,” the combination of these partnerships and platforms have been instrumental in driving forward Icon Accounting's mission over the course of 2023. Let’s examine a few of them now!

Humdinger Mortgages: Navigating the Homeownership Journey

Mortgage applications can be a daunting task for anyone to navigate but also one of the most exciting times of your life.Our partnership with Humdinger Mortgages has proved to be very beneficial and rewarding to our clientele. With a wealth of experience in the Independent Professional market, the Humdinger team assists contractors and self-employed professionals by providing clarity and identifying their unique mortgage needs. To date, they have helped more than 100 contractors obtain their mortgages with the guidance received, turning the dream of homeownership into reality. If you are considering obtaining a mortgage as a contractor in the future, make sure to avail of your free consultation with Humdinger too! 

Just reach out to your account manager internally, and we can have this arranged on your behalf.

Rockwell Financial: Award Winning Financial Planning for Contractors

Over a decade ago, the partnership between Icon Accounting and Rockwell Financial was forged. Rockwell Financial has since proven their expertise specialising in financial planning tailored to independent professionals. Rockwell Financial's expertise extends to structuring comprehensive financial packages, such as the contractor umbrella plan, introduced as an easy and tax-efficient way for self-employed professionals to enjoy benefits like Income Protection, Life Insurance, and Specified Illness Cover. In 2023 alone, Rockwell Financial have helped over 500 of our clients with their financial planning, which has covered policies such as income /family protection plans, along with various pension options to help contractors with their retirement planning.  If any of our client wish to avail of their free financial planning consultation and put a plan in motion for future financial security, reach out today and we will look after the rest!

iPerks: Elevating the Contracting Experience

Icon Accounting's commitment to the contractor community goes beyond compliance and taxation, demonstrated with our iPerks platform, an exclusive value-added offering that enriches contractors' lives. With access to over 4,000 professional courses, diverse retailer discounts, and tailored wellness programs. In a single year, iPerks saved clients an astounding €130,000 in 2022.  Contractors were also able to expand their knowledge in their fields of expertise, with many of our IT contractors favouring to upskill in cybersecurity and programming. Outside of this, we seen a lot of contractors also use the platform in their spare time to also upskill, with the uptake in unique courses like Healthy Cooking Made Easy and Survival Spanish for Beginners.

The Icon Accounting App: Simplifying the Contractor Journey

In a digital age, convenience is paramount. The Icon Accounting App serves as a centralized hub for all contracting needs. From initial setup and document storage to seamless management of timesheets, expenses, and payslips on the go, the app caters to contractors' evolving requirements and allows them to contract on the go. Since we launched the app, we have seen thousands of our client base use the app monthly, weekly, and even on a daily basis to ensure all their contracting requirements are kept up to scratch!  If you are yet to, download the Icon Accounting App now:

•             The App Store

•             Google Play Store

Advocating for the Contracting Sector: A Collaborative Effort

Icon Accounting's dedication extends to championing the contracting sector. Collaborating with various agencies and collaborators, Icon Accounting actively contributes to contracting events and webinars, fostering awareness and engagement within the community. Notably, our sponsorship of the Tech Excellence Awards earlier this year, as well as our involvement in Grad Ireland events represent our efforts to introduce the concept of contracting as a viable avenue to future work professionals. Moreover, we want to take our clients and partners along in our journey. The involvement and participation of our clients in our array of events and opportunities provides a meaningful platform to celebrate their personal narratives of contracting success. A prime example of this is our much-anticipated annual Contractor Christmas Party, a celebratory extravaganza that brings together clients and partners alike to celebrate the success in the contracting market that year. Or alternatively, our series dedicated to building insights from our community, ‘The Contracting Corner’, which provides a voice for contractors, offering insights and perspectives to others in the industry.

In conclusion, our unwavering commitment to the contractor community is created through the continued development of our partners, platforms and relationships, allowing us to amplify our service offering to contractors too. From facilitating homeownership dreams, securing financial stability to providing access to valuable courses and streamlining administrative tasks, Icon Accounting's approach has redefined the contracting experience with supporting and empowering independent professionals remaining at the forefront of what we do.

If you are an Independent Professional interested in learning more about our comprehensive services, our team of advisors is here to assist you. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your contracting experience second to none. You can reach us at 01-8077106 or through


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