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Taking a leap of faith or change in any area of your life can be daunting and even seem risky, especially when it comes to something as important as your career. It may be the fear factor that holds so many back or the uncertainty of what lies ahead rather than seeing the possibility that something better can be achieved. Before pursuing any career opportunity, it’s important to know the facts, the figures and the opportunities.

Contracting can offer a lot of variety, a valuable insight into companies and industries, financial rewards, career progression and flexibility, but let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. For some, having a secure job is the most important factor, second to pay or career progression. We all look for something different in a job, yet skills and experience are vital to the foundation to any future career success.

Whatever your industry sector, look at where the advantages and benefits are to be gained. Is it Contracting? How can Contracting help you in the next step of your career path? Moving from a permanent to a contracting role is undoubtedly a big step, but clarity comes from engagement, not thought. If you are unsure of contracting, it may be helpful to clarify the problem or concern. Often the simplicity of contracting is clouded, and there are many solutions and options to overcome initial doubts.

Contracting doesn’t have to mean flying solo or a lack of Social Welfare benefits. There are multiple options available when Contracting - It’s just a matter of finding the right solution for you. Our team can help and advice on all contracting questions, no matter what stage; whether considering a move into Contracting for the first time or at the job offer stage.

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