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With the demand for roles so high in the current climate, our team are always getting asked for more clarity on options for candidates who currently have visa restrictions in place.

If you’re wondering, can I contract if I have a stamp in place.
The answer is yes, but it does depend on what stamp and/or permission you have, as well as your Visa type.

Before coming to work in Ireland for more than 90 days, you must apply for the relevant work permission with the Department of Justice, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Once this permission has been received, at that point you must then apply for a long stay Visa (D) before travelling to Ireland.

There are various permissions that you could receive depending on your personal circumstances and skills, such as a critical skills, working holiday authorisation or intra-company transfer permission.

Under a Stamp 4 Visa, individuals can work as a self-employed person, and set up under all of the solutions available, which includes our PAYE Umbrella Company option, our Director Umbrella Company option and furthermore, the option of setting up your own Personal Limited Company.

As your tax agent, we will need a copy of your GNIB card and or permit from Irish Immigration as proof that you are eligible to operate under a self-employed structure.

Another common Visa that is often awarded to applicants is the Stamp 1G visa.
This relates to those who have recently completed their studies in Ireland, under the Third Level Graduate Programme and those who are the spouse or de facto partner of a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder or a spouse / de facto of Researchers in the state on hosting Agreements.

Under a Graduate Stamp 1G Visa:

  • You can work full time in accordance with employment law provisions but are not permitted to operate a business or be self-employed.
  • If you wish to continue working after Stamp 1G expires, you must find a job that requires an employment permit and then follow the usual application process.
  • While on a Stamp 1G, your other permissions and conditions remain the same as for Stamp 2/2A.

Under a Spouse/ de facto Stamp 1G:

  • You can work in the state without the need of any work permit.
  • Not permitted to establish or operate a Business
  • Renewal of the Stamp 1G registration should be applied for annually, and after 5years on a Stamp 1G, you may apply for a Stamp 4
  • Periods spent on Stamp 1G are considered as reckonable residence for the purpose of making an application for Citizenship/Naturalisation

If you wish to learn more about the various other types of Visas and Permissions, our blog piece gives a full breakdown of the conditions of each Visa here.

If you are looking to start contracting and are currently on a Visa, please reach out to us on 01-8077106 or email us at and our team of experts will be happy to advise.


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