Update of Jobseekers Benefits for Self employed Contractors from November 1st

Some good news has come out in relation to Jobseekers benefit for the self employed. Jobseekers benefit is a weekly payment to people who lose their self employment, this would include Contractors who finish up Contracting after paying Class S PRSI.

To qualify

  • You must be aged between 18 and 66
  • No longer self employed, for Contractors the contract must have come to an end
  • Be unemployed and available for full time work
  • Have sufficent Social Insurance contributions

Social Insurance Contributions

  • At least 156 weeks of Class S Contributions or at least 104 week of paid Class A or H since commencing work
  • 52 weeks of Class S contributions paid in the relevant tax year. The relevant tax year is the second last complete tax year before the year in which claim is made, for 2019 relevant tax year is 2017.

How long can I get paid Jobseekers Benefit for Self Employed

  • If you have more than 260 Class S PRSI Contributions - 9 months
  • If you have less than 260 Class S PRSI contributions - 6 months

How much will I receive?

  • For those earning an average weekly pay of €300 or more they receive €203 per week

For more information on Jobseekers benefit for the self-employed see this link https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/social_welfare/social_welfare_payments/unemployed_people/jobseekers_benefit_self_employed.html


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