Lockdown Upskilling - Tax Relief on Training Courses

Many people have taken advantage of the lockdown to focus on up-skilling to better their career prospects. If you are one of those people who replaced the long commute with improving your career prospects, depending on the course you have chosen, you may be able to claim tax relief.

Take advantage of tax relief for training course as a day-to-day business expense. 

Allowable Training Courses

Tax relief claimed on training courses which are required for a specific contract. 

All training courses must be carried out within the timeframe of the contract and demonstrated as a direct requirement for the contract.

Should you wish to undertake a training course and can show that it is relevant for your contract you will be able to claim tax relief at up to 52% through your limited company.

Supporting Information Required:  

Receipts must be made out in name of the Limited Company & completed the pre-approval form submitted.

In the event of a Revenue enquiry you must be able to show how the course was a relevant business expense for your limited company. 

Non-Allowable Training

Long term educational courses including Diploma/ Degree/Masters.

Courses which exceed the duration of an assigned contract.

Personal Educational or Training courses that are related to your line of work.

Other Courses 

Certain education courses may be claimed through your personal tax return as a tax credit at 20%

Should you requrie more information please don't hesitate to get in touch by email at info@iconaccounting.ie or call 01 8077106.


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