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Sanda Rusu, our Business Development expert, reveals the game-changing features of the Icon Accounting App in our latest blog. Discover why downloading the app is a must for contractors and can help unlock your career potential.

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At Icon Accounting, we recognize the changing nature of independent professional work and are committed to constantly enhancing our services to provide even greater value to the contractor community. An essential element in achieving this goal lies in our cutting-edge technology - we are determined to ensure that our valued clients never settle for anything less than a seamless contracting experience that feels effortless. In this blog, Sanda Rusu from our Business Development team, unveils the latest features that propel the Icon Accounting App to new heights.  Keep reading to find out why downloading the app should be your top priority as a contractor.

All Your Contractor Needs in One Place

You do your contract job; we’ll do the rest – that’s the ultimate goal at the core of Icon Accounting. We understand that as a contractor, your time is valuable. That's why we continuously invest in improving our technology, our user experience, and the essential functions required by contractors on a day-to-day basis, so contractors can focus solely on delivering exceptional results to their clients. The Icon Accounting App brings together all your contracting needs in a single platform, accessible anytime, anywhere and at any stage of your journey too. From setting up as a contractor and conveniently storing compliance and contract documents, to submitting or receiving access to all your timesheets, expenses, documents or payslips on the go, or to receiving notifications on outstanding tasks and tracking invoices and payments on the go too - we've got you covered! And when it comes to your expenses, have the simplicity of uploading photos of your receipts or bills, and your account manager will be able to take care of the rest for you. So, say goodbye to the days of system-switching, spreadsheets, and paperwork!

Stay Informed and Stay on Top of Your Contracting Game

So, need any further assistance? Our app goes beyond basic functionalities to provide you with seamless communication and timely updates. With the app, you can easily reach out to your dedicated account manager whenever you need assistance. Even better, you can receive push notifications from them, keeping you in the loop and up to date whilst you contract on the go. Receive reminders for deadlines, such as timesheets, VAT, and expense uploads. Stay informed about payment processing and other account updates. So, no more worrying about missing crucial dates or spending time on manual checks. Our app keeps you informed and ensures you stay compliant effortlessly.

Become an Icon in the contractor market with our Knowledge Base

Want to excel in your contracting career? No worries, our app can help you to do exactly this. Whatever stage you are at in your contracting journey, we have a range of free guides and learning tools available on our knowledge base to help you ace your contracting game. Access a wealth of free guides and learning tools on our knowledge base, including past webinars, newsletters, and community news. Whether you prefer video guides, walk-throughs, or written guides, our knowledge base covers everything from managing the Icon Accounting app efficiently to understanding available expenses and tax schemes.

Income Tax Returns Completed in a few simple clicks!

One of the latest features of the Icon Accounting app is the ability to submit your tax returns on the go. Completing your Income Tax Return checklist is now as simple as entering your personal details and any applicable Tax Credits & Reliefs, and hitting submit, it’s that easy! And of course, if you need any assistance, you can access our step-to-step guides on the process, or you can organise a consultation with our expert tax return team who would be happy to guide you through and take care of the nitty-gritty tasks when submitting your Income Tax Returns.

Unlock Exclusive iPerks for You!

Gain access to an array of exclusive iPerks designed to enhance your contracting experience. With iPerks at your fingertips, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits that go beyond the ordinary, outside of the expected compliance, taxation, and exceptional service expected, ensuring you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Throughout the years, iPerks has continuously demonstrated its significant support for our Independent Professional community. This platform empowers our clients to prioritize their wellbeing conveniently, while also increasing their daily and hourly rates by adding qualifications. Furthermore, it enables them to enjoy everyday savings, resulting in impressive savings of over €130,000 in 2022! iPerks is a game-changer that truly puts more money back into our clients' pockets while helping them excel in their contracting careers.

If you are an Independent Professional interested in learning more about the Icon Accounting App and our comprehensive services, our team of advisors is here to assist you. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your contracting experience second to none and schedule a personalized walkthrough. You can reach us at 01-8077106 or through

Existing clients, we value your feedback! Share your suggestions for additional features you would like to see in our future updates. We appreciate your input and strive to improve our services to meet your needs continuously. Reach out to your account manager and let us know your thoughts. Together, we can make the Icon Accounting App even better!

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