What makes Icon Accounting?

Culture is hugely important to us here at Icon. ​​In our 14 years of doing business, the Icon Accounting team has continued to grow, and so too has the number of different nationalities and cultures.  For those interested in learning more about the team at Icon, we provide a greater insight in to what makes Icon Accounting, be Icon Accounting. We're incredibly grateful to all of our Icon personnel, both current and previous, because with thanks to their ideas, inspired by your feedback, being an Independent Professional has never been easier!

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Culture is hugely important to us here at Icon. ​​In our 14 years of doing business, the Icon Accounting team has continued to grow, and we are dedicated to creating a positive work environment for every member of the team.
From celebrating team members' culture to our Icon Olympics, we are proud of the culture in our workplace and will continue to develop this in the future.
We were recognised at the 17th annual Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in Ireland and we’re aiming to keep this intact!

Celebrating cultures within the Icon team 

There are a large number of nationalities currently working in Icon Accounting. These cultures include Moldovan, Indian, Latvian, Romanian, Irish, and many more!
You may have spotted us celebrating ‘culture day’ in the past.  This gave us an opportunity to learn more about the countries and cultures of our colleagues plus giving us a greater understanding of our backgrounds. Everyone involved benefitted from the experience and value understanding more about our team, and the benefits our diverse cultures have on one another.
This is something we plan to keep incorporating in the future and we plan to introduce more events like this in the future.

Innovation culture at Icon

At Icon we strive towards a zero-error attitude while also embracing hiccups along the way. At the same time, we are very open to the introduction of new processes and concepts. Innovation is very important to us. In this case, we understand we are not going to get everything 100% right the first time. We love to reassess and learn from our mistakes. We find this is an extremely healthy culture and mindset within the company to benefit all of our employees. We are constantly challenging what we can learn and developing new ideas into processes.
There is no pressure to get new ideas correct the first time, there is more of a focus on constantly thinking of new ways and new innovations, many of which come from listening to our clientele, who we are extremely grateful to represent. 

Learning and development culture at Icon 

At Icon Accounting we have a huge focus on learning and development among the team. We try to focus on how our employees can up-skill and benefit from working with us and what new skills can provide benefit to the wider organisation.
We try to focus on the skills that employees can acquire while working with us. If there is a course our employees are interested in completing, we make sure to support it and incorporate it internally. Whether you’re an established accountant or you have just graduated from college, we believe that we can learn something from you, but also help you to develop. Not only do we want to hire the best employees, but we also want to support our employee's continuous growth and development. 

Our Values

Accompanied by the continuous desire for excellence, you can rest assured knowing that the below is at the heart of everything we do:

  • Integrity, Investment, and Innovation always.
  • Collaboration, Communication and Consistency.
  • Ongoing Advice, Support and Expertise.
  • Nurturing Long-Term Client Relations.

If you are interested in joining the Icon team, take a look at our recruitment page to see the available positions.

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