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20 Questions with Sophie Gordon

Another member of our PLC Team, Sophie Gordon kindly volunteered to take part in the '20 Questions' this month! Read on to see what makes her tick!

The Benefits of Setting up a Private Limited Company

For those independent professionals that specialise in high demand areas, setting up your own Private Limited Company in 2021 is something you at least should consider.

Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (“CRSS”)

As some businesses face into their third week of lockdown, Revenue have just released details on the operation of the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (we'll call it CRSS from here on!)

Good try, But no you definitely can’t claim that…


Expenses – What you Can’t Claim as a Contractor (& some of the strangest requests we have had!)

Contractor Mortgages with Robert Whelan

#AskTheExpert Series: Contractor Mortgages with Robert Whelan BComm, QFA, Rockwell Financial Management. COVID has brought with it many challenges.

20 Questions with Ann-Marie Breen

Ann-Marie from our PLC Team answers our 20 Questions this month!

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