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20 Questions with Bruna Lima

Bruna from our Contractor Support Team answers our 20 Questions this month!

6 Budgeting Tips for Contractors and Freelancers

Contracting can be rewarding both financially and personally.

Limits Increased for the Cycle to Work Scheme

As announced in the July Stimulus Package, the Government have increased the tax incentive for the Cycle to Work scheme.

Breaking into a Bank doesn’t require a Drill or Sledgehammer Anymore

One of the biggest bank robberies of all time has gone largely unreported, and is just the tip of the Cyber Crime Iceberg.

July Stimulus (and its not magic mushrooms at the Forever Young festival this July!!)

This time last year, the thoughts of the need for a stimulus package, mid-summer, would have been scoffed at to the point of ridicule, not even David McWilliams could predict this!

20 Questions with Alina Enujiofor

Contractor Community

Alina from our Payroll Team opens up about not wanting to grow up, dreams of being a luxury hotel manager and possibly the best answer yet for who she would changes places with for a day!

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