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Receiver of Wrecks

Thankfully the role of the Receiver of Shipwrecks isn’t one we hear of too often in these modern times. Communication systems and weather stations ensure ships are best placed when conditions become dangerous.

Pros V Cons of being a Contractor


Thinking of giving up the nine to five? We are experiencing a major change in terms of how work is performed; more and more of us are providing services to clients rather than ‘having jobs’ in the traditional sense.

Considering setting up as a Contractor?


Contracting is having a bit of a moment. It has been seen as the solution for working parents, and a generation who seek more flexibility in how, where and when they work.

The Professional Contractors Service Organisation (PCSO):  What’s it all about?

Purchasing an Electrical Vehicle through your Personal LTD Company

Benefits, Financial Advice

Climate change is a hot topic now and rightly so. We are far more conscious of how our actions as an individual and on a collective basis impact the environment. With that in mind, the purchase of an electric car may be something you are considering. Here we explain the tax advantages and how you make the purchase via your Personal LTD Company.

Icon Accounting Launches KALC Accounting - Experts in SME’s


We are delighted to announce the launch of KALC Accounting, which provides a tailored service for SME's

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